Coffee has been in existence since the 16th century. The reasons why it remains to be the favorite drink for almost all Canadians, especially when taken in the morning, is because of its rich golden taste, the divine smell when freshly brewed, and the rejuvenating start it gives your body and mind. In countries such as Asia, Vietnam, and Europe, coffee was cultivated, packaged, and exported to other countries worldwide.

Introduction of Coffee to Canada

Coffee isn’t grown in Canada, but it is imported from countries such as Colombia. It hasn’t been settled as to when coffee was introduced to Canada since, according to some historians, captain John Smith introduced coffee to North America. Some also claim that coffee was in Canada long before John Smith. Captain Smith was one of the people who sold coffee globally. Before Canada became a first world country, most coffee houses in the country sold coffee, alcohol, among other beverages. Some even offered accommodation to visitors, which in turn made coffee houses the preferred place for business people to seal deals.

Canada’s Climate as a Factor for Drinking Coffee

As the country grew, it became famous for its coffee, which can be attributed to its cold climate. The Canadian climate can be extremely cold to a level of going below 38°C. Due to such extreme weather contentions, most Canadians have made taking coffee a habit—leading to the popularity of coffee businesses.

The Canadian Coffee Culture

Most people are afraid of the cold weather, which is where the love for coffee comes in. During winter, a cup of coffee is Canadians’ every morning “cup of tea.” The aroma and its luxurious aftertaste are enough reasons to make someone want to have a cup or two, not to mention the soothing and relaxing effect it has on the body. As caffeine kicks into the system, it makes the body freshen up, whether stressed or during a cold morning. What’s better than having a cup of coffee brewed to perfection, warm clothes, and a newspaper on the other hand? This is a culture Canadians have perfected to keep them warm during the cold weather.

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