Skilled work experience required for Federal Skilled Trades Class in Canada is defined under these categories of National Occupation Classification (NOC):

  1. Major Group 72: Construction, electrical and industrial industries.
  2. Major Group 73: Maintenance and operation of equipment sectors.
  3. Major Group 82: Supervising and technical work in agriculture and natural resources.
  4. Major Group 92: Central control operators and supervisors in the processing, manufacturing and utilities sectors.
  5. Minor Group 632: Cooks and chefs.
  6. Minor Group 633: Bakers and butchers.

The Canadian government welcomed 500 Federal Skilled Trades Class participants with Comprehensive Ranking Scores of as low as 332 to make an application for permanent residency in the country in an Express Entry draw conducted in May 15.

This draw was the first of its kind since 24th September 2018 to target participants in the Federal Skilled Trades Class only, which is open to foreigners who have a qualification certificate proving they have the skills needed for working in a skilled trade job in Canada or an acceptable job offer in Canada.

The Federal Skilled Trades Class is among the 3 immigration programs (economic-class) controlled by the Express Entry System. The other two are the Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canadian Experience Class.

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