In the recent past, a large population of Indians has migrated to developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and Canada, among others. The main objective of immigration is to seek a better lifestyle for their families. The immigration activities have been highly supported by investment programs that favor immigrants from third world countries such as India. The fact that the Indian government does not allow dual citizenship makes it mandatory for Indian immigrants to forgo their citizenship. This can be quite challenging were it not for the existence of the investment immigration programs.

The investment programs offer golden visa programs to clients from India. The golden visa is relatively cheaper and hence, affordable by potential Indian immigrants. The immigrants and their families are also assured of permanent residence in the developed countries. Expiry of visas is a challenge that has been completely eliminated through the investment immigration programs. This increases their comfort in the new nations, which increases their chances of flourishing in their investments. Security is a very paramount aspect in every investment, the Investment Immigration Programs, therefore, has an obligation to oversee that all immigrants are protected from any insecurities. This minimizes the risks and uncertainties that are related to insecurity.

High taxation rate is a common problem in most developing countries, including India. The Investment Immigration Programs has embarked strategies that ensure the immigrants are not exploited by the government in the developed countries through high taxation. There are also numerous business opportunities for immigrants to invest in. In developed countries, an immigrant can start a business with capital as low as 2 million dollars. The businesses establish really fast, and the investors start earning good profit shortly after investment.

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