If you are a PNP candidate, you can apply for a Canadian permanent residence in two ways. There is a paper-based procedure that involves physically submitting your application and paperwork. Secondly, you can use the Express Entry, which is a web-based application program.

Your applied PNP stream will dictate the application type. There are over 80 PNP streams across territories and provinces and provincial nominations awarded by an advanced PNP stream yields 600 points in the CRS (comprehensive ranking system) score. When you acquire these points, you’re virtually guaranteed of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

PNP is believed to play a huge role in Canada’s 2020-2022 immigration plans. The combined admissions of PNP and Express-Entry – controlled systems are expected to yield about half of the country’s immigrant absorption. If you intend to immigrate to Canada, you can benefit from these measures.

This new feature will enable provinces to maintain certain immigrants, which they nominated for a Canadian permanent residence. In normal circumstances, the PNP recipient has to maintain his/her work position until the application process lapses.

Since more than a million individuals lost their jobs during March, this IRCC measure will help curb the COVID19 impact on immigration to Canada. Although recent reports show that Canada is experiencing some financial recovery, the labor industry is still struggling to regain its pre-pandemic levels. The number of immigrations during June was down by about 30 percent when compared to June 2019.

This new measure shows Canada is putting efforts to welcome more immigrants despite the adversities posed by the pandemic. Immigration is believed to be crucial to Canada’s economic revival and plays a huge role in Canada’s long-term population growth and strength of the labor market.

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