Are you already in Canada and have you got problems with your status? You need to correct them? Well, then Canada gives you a chance for applying for a resident visa, temporarily, in Canada. This leaves you with two options:

  • Update your status to visitor.
  • Apply for extension of a work permit (applicable only for those who have residency application or an LMO).

Update your status to visitor

If your current visa looks to expire before the new one being issued to you and for those who await the second-year working holiday visa (IEC) applications here is your chance to change your status to visitor status in Canada. It is usually for a period of 90 days. You might get it for 180 days as well, it depends on the judgment of border officers. And it is very important for temporary resident visa that the CIC has to receive your application before your work permit expires. When on a visitor status you aren’t allowed to work in Canada and without a temporary resident visa and change of your status to visitor it is not recommended to stay in Canada. Never seek to work without a work permit which is valid, in Canada as this is a serious offence which will damage your visa applications in future and will also lead to a fine for your manager too.

Applying for a work permit extension

This is only valid for those with residency applications or a LMO in a process and is in a need to increase their permit to work to bridge the gap. Also refer to the Bridging Open Permits which are available for Federal Class residency applications.


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