The Express Entry system of immigration to Canada is now ready to award Comprehensive Ranking System points to those applicants who are looking to integrate quickly and enjoy financial gains. The system also tends to reverse the trend of aging population (this is the biggest concern in Canada now!); the baby boomers are nowhere to be seen in the labor market.

Canada has clear- cut policies with respect to economic immigration. The nation is determined to bring in qualified, young candidates with a skill set that can get those jobs easily. Ultimately it is the economic wellness of the country that matters!

Under the system of Express entry (the tool used for selection in most of Canada’s economic immigration), candidates will get a score on the basis of their age and their partner’s age. A candidate’s CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System) can go up to 110 points. If the candidate’s CRS score is between 415-460, invitations will be issued to apply. The age points will considerably help an application.

Candidates need to know the drop-off, as they get into the later part of their 30’s, with regard to the available points. In other words, to make this more clear, if you are looking for Canada immigration, make sure to get your application in at the earliest to make the most of points offered for age.

For instance, if a 29 year old scores 110 CRS age points, you can see there will be a noticeable decline once he crosses 30. Only 55 points would be available by the time the candidate reaches 39.

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