Know How CRS Points Are Allocated

In the CRS, candidates can score 1200 points, that would be the maximum.

Points allocation criteria:

  • 460-500 points are allotted for principal human capital aspects that contribute to economic outcomes like age, education level, proficiency in official language and work experience in Canada.
  • 40 points are awarded for spousal issues.
  • 100 points are awarded for skill set transferability or aspects of interaction that can enhance the core set
  • 600 points are awarded for candidates having a validated provincial/ territorial nomination or who have an arranged employment offer.

What are the alternatives available for candidates whose score is in 300 range?

Candidates who are in their 30’s or over and who are unable to obtain the required score to receive ITA (Invitation To Apply) need not worry! They still have feasible options to move into the land of opportunities.

The Comprehensive Ranking system also takes into account the candidates study period / work history in Canada. The ranking system makes sure the right candidates are not disappointed by considering quite a large number of factors that might help in their immigration. Previous study or work experience in Canada go a long way in Canada immigration.

The CRS also awards points to applicants who come with an approved employment offer. Depending upon the position the points may be either 50 or 200.

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