A report from Express Entry shows that the number of women applicants for Canadian permanent resident has increased. The number of women applicants on the principle admission is higher than men on the five list countries of citizenship. The principal application of women was higher than men in the following countries; Jamaica 67 per cent, the Philippines with 61 per cent, China 55 per cent, Russia 53 per cent and Korea 51 per cent.

The rate of eligible skilled women immigrants has also gone up. For one to be considered in the Canadian immigration using Express Entry system, the candidate must meet at least one of the following economic immigration categories; Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class and Federal Skilled Trades Class. Factors such as education, age, proficiency in English or French and skilled work experience are used to assign the CRS scores.

A set number of candidates scoring the highest scores receive ITAs through regular draws from the pool. From the statistics, women have been outnumbered by men in the Express Entry pool. In 2018, nearly 280,000 Express Entry profiles were submitted, and only around 109,000 were from women. In 2018, the eligibility rate of women was 6 per cent greater than the eligibility rate of men with women having 68 per cent eligibility.

To sum it up, the eligible women profiles entered into the Express Entry pool in 2018 that were accounted for was 41 per cent of 195,636. There has been an increase of 1 per cent annually from 2016 of the eligible candidates in the Express Entry pool. According to these advancements by women in the Express Entry pool, the data provided recently by immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) proves that the percentage of women admitted to Canada has been rising by 1 per cent each year from 2015, and currently it stands at 47 per cent.

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