Immigration to Canada may seem to be the best decision, and the benefits and advantages may also prove to be so but only if you are aware of all the norms and regulations. When applying for immigration, it is important you understand all the requirements and eligibility criteria to make it a smooth and successful process. Express Entry is one of the most highly sought after scheme for hopeful immigrants. It is an application management system through which Immigrants, Refugees and Citizenship Canada manage the applications, by first issuing an application to the immigrants to apply before submission is allowed. This has greatly helped in minimizing the processing time and the officials are committed to process applications within a period of 6 months. While this has greatly fast-tracked the processing system, numerous rejections and denials also came to light upon studying the effectiveness of the system. The main reasons for the denials were incomplete applications.

Before the introduction of the Express Entry rejected applicants had the chance to reapply, but with the Express Entry the guarantee for resubmission is not sure. Thus, the onus of ensuring the application is complete and meet the desired norms lies completely on the applicant.

If you are a prospective candidate, it’s important to ensure you do not make any mistakes. Here are the top and most common reasons that lead to rejection or denial of the application:

  • Police Certification

A change in the police certification requirement is the top reason for most rejected applications. Initially, an applicant had to provide certification from all the countries that they had lived in for more than 6 months, consecutively, since the age of 18. However, in the present system an applicant must provide police certification from all the places that they have lived in for a period longer than 6 months at a time.

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