• Police Certification within 60 days

Continuing with the first reason, the applicants must obtain their police certification within 60 days. In case you are unable to receive the certification from a particular country, within 60 days, you must be able to show proof of police certification request made to that particular country. Failure to show proof will lead to rejection.

  • MyCIC Accounts

The MyCIC account needs constant monitoring to ensure no deadlines are missed. The officials may request an additional document/ form to be submitted within 7 days and not monitoring your account may lead to failure of doing so, hence rejection.

  • Right Documents

It is essential to ensure that you have uploaded all the required and the right documents. Always double check to avoid any mistakes.

  • Eligibility for exceptions

While there are certain exceptions for every single document stated in the checklist, ensure you fall under the eligibility criteria of the exceptions. Ask the authorities if unsure, never assume.

These are the top reasons that have led to rejections and denials. Make sure you do not make any of these mistakes and enjoy the best and most efficient application processing. The Express Entry pool is definitely one of the most effective and fast way to immigrate, take note of the ‘musts’ and requirements.

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