The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Quebec has unveiled a new online website that aims to provide comprehensive information regarding teacher training to both Canadians and foreigners. This move aims at attracting more workers in the field of education, both citizens and non-citizens.

Quebec’s Minister of Education and Higher Education, Jean-François Roberge, made this announcement on January 22, 2020, during a press release.

Adult teacher posing on blackboard.

The new section of the website termed “Devenir enseignant”—meaning “Becoming a Teacher” has been successfully integrated into the content of the already existing Quebec’s online platform. It is made to help the immigrants, teachers, students, and adults who are undergoing a change of career.

Besides offering the fundamental information about the teaching profession as a whole, this online platform provides comprehensive information about the duties of a teacher as well as a guideline on how one can obtain a teaching licence to be allowed to work as a teacher in Canada. This new virtual space also provides resources that can help a teacher find a job in the field of education. In addition to providing resources that can help a teacher find a job, this new online website offers practical information that is extremely helpful for any teacher who wishes to immigrate to Québec.

It is worth noting that the foreign teachers who wish to immigrate to the province to teach can get all the information they need about internationally recognized programs, which will enable them to teach in Quebec. They can also consult a list of countries whose training programs might be recognized in Canada. The new website also provides them with the guidelines and procedures of application.

As per the comprehensive information that the website provide, it is important to note that many training courses are recognized internationally for teaching in Quebec. In addition, many educational and professional trajectories lead to the teaching profession, especially because employment prospects in the educational field are currently excellent in the province.

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