The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Quebec continues to emphasize that it is possible for immigrants and foreigners to become professional teachers in the province, even if teaching is not their current occupation in their career.

During the press release, Quebec’s Minister of Education and Higher Education, Jean-François Roberge stated that he is pleased to launch this new initiative, as it will help promote and offer information about teaching and educational profession in the province. During the launch, he also noted that he is convinced that ‘Devenir enseignant’ will be there to benefit many citizens, foreigners, and immigrants across the world, especially those who are interested in the teaching profession.

In addition to promoting and providing information about the teaching profession, Roberge noted that with all the opportunities that the current employment environment offer, the government has to put more effort to publicize all the benefits of the teaching profession and attract new teachers, both Canadians and foreigners. Indeed, people need to be sensitized.

The minister is confident that this new virtual platform, which is exclusively devoted to the teaching profession and educational field, will help the province achieve its goal.

It is worth noting that schools in this province are facing a critical shortage of teachers. Therefore, efforts are being made across the board to court newcomers in order to meet the needs.

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