Most countries in the Western World, including Japan, Austria, Germany and Australia, experience low birth rates coupled with the aging population problem. Thus, they need the help of immigrants to offset these negative aspects and improve their industries.

However, negative sentiments touching on the migration issue have gained popularity all over the Western world. Immigrants have raised a concern, as there are perceived a threat by the locals who think they are taking their job opportunities. Other negative sentiments have touched on the cultural factors, as the western world fears that more immigrants will cause a culture change, as migrants practice their homeland cultures. Migration has also raised a security concern all over the western world.

However, most Canadians feel that immigrants help their economy, and this was according to a recent survey by Environics, which highlighted that up to 80% supported immigration into Canada.
The research also pointed out that most Canadians feel the immigration levels should remain as they are, or the government should consider revising them downwards. However, these views do not usually hold up when Canadians select their leaders, as the major political parties all pledged for more immigrants.

Four reasons why Canada stands above the rest

Different factors make Canada stand out from other Western nations in the way they handle migrants, and these factors include geography, history, politics and policy.


The geographical location works in favor of Canada, as unlike other Western Nations, European Union nations and the United States, Canada is isolated geographically. The matter of isolation gives it more power to control peoples who come into the country. The issue of irregular migration has also increased in Canada over the years, dropping the public confidence in the immigration systems of Canada. However, the public has not lost hope on the immigration system, and most people still believe the system is under control.

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