The Immigration office of Prince Edward Island conducts Expression of Interest Draws on a regular basis. This year, it has conducted the largest interest draw in the province and has garnered attention. The Expression of Interest Draw which was conducted on April 19th2018 witnessed more than 169 invitations. All these invitations were issued under the category of Business Impact and Labor Impact/Express entry.

Expression of Interest Draws 2018

77 invites were issued under the category of Labor Impact with a score range of 22-85. The invites issued to candidates who are working on the Prince Edward Island were 75 under the category of Canada Express Entry. These candidates had a score range of 37-87. 17 invited were sent out to the candidates under the category of Business Impact with a score range of 135-155.

Prince Edward Island immigration authorities conduct draws periodically and the third draw took place on April 19th 2018. The second expression of interest draw took place on 15thMarch 2018. 79 candidates were invited to apply for provincial nomination.

The immigration authorities issued invites to 72 candidates who were offered a job from the Prince Edward Island Company. These candidates were invited under the Express Entry or Labor Impact category.

Seven other candidates were issued invites under the Business Impact category.

Things You Need to Know About the PEI Express Entry Stream

It is essential to know that the Express Entry category can be used only by those candidates who are chosen for provincial nomination in the express entry pool. When a candidate is nominated in the express entry stream, it automatically adds 600 points to the Comprehensive Ranking System of the candidate. This in turn ensures that the candidate gets an invitation to apply for Canadian Immigration.

All the candidates must fill a simple form on the official website of the provincial government while applying for a nomination from the Prince Edward Island. When the candidate fills the form online, it is considered as intent to migrate to the Prince Edward Island. However, it is important to note that only the deserving candidates will be contacted by the authorities.

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