Labor Impact Category of PEI

This is divided into two important categories mainly the Critical Worker Stream and the Skilled Worker Stream

Critical worker stream

This is a special category for foreign migrant workers who are employed in streams that are in-demand. The critical worker stream is designed to solve the constant issue of shortage of skilled workers in specific areas. Full time employment in PEI is available in the following arenas of employment.

–  Laborer

–  Truck driver

–  Housekeeping attendant

–  Food and beverage server

–  Customer service representative

The other criteria nominations are as follows:

–  Candidate should be of age 21-55 years

–  Candidate should be interested in settling in PEI

–  Candidate should have a valid work permit of Canada

–  Candidate should have the basic proficiency in either English or French

–  Candidate must also have a formal education of 12 years and a high school diploma

–  Candidate must also have a work experience of 6 months.

Skilled Worker Stream

Candidates will be nominated for permanent residency through the skilled worker stream if they satisfy the following:

  • Age limit between 21 and 55 years
  • Fluency in English or French
  • Aim to settle in PEI
  • Full time work experience of 2 years
  • PEI offers full time employment on the basis of different skill levels such as O, A and B.
  • Formal education of 14 years along with post-secondary education.

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