GSS- Global Skills Strategy in Canada was introduced in June 2017, visa processing that took six months now hardly took 10 days with this strategy. Businesses benefitted from this, it could send its skilled workers overseas and the paperwork was a lot more easier now. However when this strategy was launched, short- term work permit exemptions was also taken into consideration for professionals, managers and researchers.

These were the moves the Federal government in Canada made to help its business community get hands on the right talent so that their operations grew to contribute to the economic development of the country. Global Talent Stream has become more than popular, especially when Donald Trump has been coming up with stricter regulations to crack down on foreign talent and immigration in the U.S. Work permit exemption has been given importance to allow work with high value, the skills of which can be transferred to workers in Canada.

Exemption Term

15/30 calendar days once in six/ twelve months.

For researchers, exemptions are granted up to 120 days for work at a degree- granting public institution or an affiliate of a degree granting public institution.

The Canadian Government has shown immense support to its employers with this short term exemption so that highly skilled workers could perform high- value work. The program also aims to aid Universities and research centers that require specialist knowledge for a short period of time.

Work permit exemptions can be applied at an overseas visa office or Port of Entry. While the candidate applies at the Port of Entry, the visa officer will make an entry in the candidate’s passport on the date the candidate has to leave Canada. If the candidate is looking for  15- day exemption, he has to wait for a period of six months, from the day of grant of exemption, to be eligible. The waiting time is 12 months for 30-day exemption, if the candidate applies for another 30 days, or 6 months waiting period if the second exemption  term is 15 days.

GSS- Work Permit Exemption


It doesn’t matter whether the candidate is applying at a visa office or Port of Entry, he must provide the necessary documents to prove that he is eligible for short term exemption.

Here are the documents:

  • Formal employment offer.
  • A letter from the employer stating the NOC code, duties and the employment term.

Researchers would require the below mentioned documents:

  • Letter from the institution stating the duties, NOC code and the research to be done.
  • Evidence of educational qualifications.
  • Explanation on how the candidate can add worth to the research.

Global Talent stream- Vital elements

  • 14 day standard to process applications for work permit for skilled workers
  • Committed service for businesses interested to make investments in Canada that aids job creation
  • Companies applying through the Global Talent stream for workers can access the new application process that provides client- centered service to guide employers through the process and improvement of the labor market. The workers will also be eligible to get their applications processed for work permit in 10 working days.