The ministry of Immigration in Quebec has sent out invitations to 444 international employees to apply under the Quebec Selection program that will lead to an award of certificates.
The last draw was held on 19/08/2019, and the main target was skilled candidates who had sent applications under the recently launched Arrima system.

There are certain conditions a candidate must meet before applying for the permanent program and getting a certificate. These conditions were applied during the August selection.
The candidates must have first applied for permanent residency under the popular Quebec Skilled Worker system. Such a request must have been canceled according to section 28 of the Quebec’s Act. Also, applicants must have sent applied under the Expression of Interest (EOI) before 17/12/2019.

The candidates’ request for interest must have been terminated and then sent to the minister according to section 5.01. This section has a laid down requirements that govern how foreigners will be selected under the program.
The other requirement is in regards to residency in Quebec. As of 16/06/19, the applicants must have been residents of Quebec. Most likely, they were studying or had work permits that were issued as per the regulations governing refugees’ protection and immigration.

The Quebec Expression of interest or EOI has been around for one year now, and this was the 3rd draw. Currently there a total of 1394 invitations have been sent to applicants.

The Arrima system is a new program that was launched recently. It consists of a database where foreigners’ details are regularly updated. It is akin to a bank for candidates with Expression Of interest under the Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

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