Due to the corona virus pandemic, most countries have resolved to total lock down. Data submitted by Statistics Canada show a decrease in the economy with no hope of its increase. Unemployment levels have increased due to restrictions brought about by the virus. Payroll data shows high levels of employment being affected since May. Weekly earnings, payroll, and hours increased according to the Survey of Employment.

The number of employees on payroll reduced by 1.8%, but there was a 2% increase on earnings weekly in the same month. Weekly earnings are calculated by dividing total weekly earnings by the number of employees. There was a 16.9% loss in hours worked between February and May.

As a result of unemployment, the construction sector in Quebec witnessed an increase of 3.5% in May. The increase was as a result of residential construction restarting in mid-April. At the national level, employment in construction was on the downside compared to May. In the same sector, there was a 2.6% increase in average weekly earnings than May last year.

A Decrease in Job Losses in the Retail Sector

There was an increase of 18.7% in retail sales in the sector, which is below the February level by 20%. Since most people lost jobs in April, over time, the levels have reduced. Unemployment levels also reflected in the retail sector where there was an increase in total hours worked in the same sector in May.

Some retail industries witnessed an increase in employee payroll in May. There was a 4% increase in garden equipment supply dealers, motor vehicles and parts dealers, and building material dealers.

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