This will help speed up the process though, because becoming a permanent Canadian resident requires an established residence within Canada. If a parent is already a citizen this requirement is waived and can be bypassed and save time.

It is best to be prepared when filling out the eligibility application. Some of the paperwork involved is:

  • Confirmation of eligibility through birth certificates of both the applicant and the parent.
  • The proper application fills out in its entirety. (There are different applications available, so do your research to make sure you have the correct application before you file and pay the fees. Different applications have separate process steps.
  • All other paperwork requested by the IRCC

Having a parent born in Canada is not a guarantee of citizenship though. The applications can be difficult and need to be thorough. It is recommended that one seek professional guidance regarding the application process. This can be done by hiring an established Canadian Immigration Attorney. This will help make sure the application is completed correctly and the citizenship process goes smoothly.

Submitting the application can also be tricky. Certain applications can be turned in at the border, while others can be emailed, and some need to be mailed to the IRCC. Doing your homework about which application you need to fill out and the proper documentation will help speed up citizenship paperwork and make the entire situation run as easy as possible. The key is to be prepared. With the current status of the Coronavirus, applications may at some point be held up. Therefore, it is best to start the application process as soon as possible. Chances are if your parent is a Canadian citizen, your citizenship application should be a breeze.

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