The Canadian government in the province of Alberta wants to make it easier for particularly vulnerable international migrants to apply for permanent residence in the region. Thus, the Canadian government intends to provide the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) for immigrants who qualify. These immigrants may be eligible because they suffer from the risk of abuse or abuse at their present job.

Furthermore, the Canadian government has identified a few obstacles to immigration.


These obstacles may include the following: excessive concentration of immigrants and their children in specific neighborhoods, poorly controlled immigration, and cultural difficulties. Remember, the issues suffered by immigrants may be due to linguistic differences. Also, you may wonder: “What is the situation of the children of immigrants in Canada?”

Foreigners make up a large part of the population in Canada, and some benchmarks concerning immigrants are quantitative benchmarks that look at the question from a quantitative point of view. Thus, immigrants represent a significant percentage of the population of Canada. Also, immigrants in an irregular situation are often victims that may suffer before immigrating.

Foreign Immigrants

Foreign immigrants and the families of these immigrants who may possess a Vulnerable Workers Open Work Permit (VWOWP) will now have the honor of being able to avoid the need of LMIA if they wish to go through the AOS process. Remember, a lack of administrative resources creates difficulties in the simple question of access to the Canadian government’s offices. Many immigrants will also stop in other nations before arriving in Canada. Furthermore, the children of immigrants often end up with higher qualifications than their parents.

Many Canadian industry representatives are pressing for improvements to the LMIA system, as it is a process that can be cumbersome and cost-prohibitive for many employers to implement. Also, while the children of immigrants are often the ones who have the most difficulties at school, it is nevertheless noted that on average, they reach a much higher level of education than their parents. These facts are very significant.

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