A higher rent results to expensive cost of food and other necessities thus it’s better for a new immigrant to apply for work in a small town where their housing might be paid for by their employer. In small towns one saves on transportation money because destinations are just a walking distance away.

A better quality of living in smaller towns in Canada

The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program is a project by the Canadian government to encourage new immigrants to consider moving to smaller towns. This program enabled the city of Morden in Manitoba to start running its own immigration program starting in 2012 where they selected 50 families per year.

Through the PNP program, small towns are able to screen skilled immigrants for job opportunities and essentially make the transition smooth for the newly hired immigrant. They do this by providing essentials like housing on top of the salary. The main requirement for an immigrant to be accepted by a small town in Canada is that they should be willing to work and live in that small town and not have urgent plans to move elsewhere.

This type of support system ensures that the quality of life for a new immigrant in a small is better than what they would have experienced in a busy urban environment. On top of that less traffic, communal amenities, clean air and a general quieter environment adds to the quality of life in a small town in Canada.


Not only is the cost of living low in a small town but a new immigrant is able to enjoy life and get an opportunity to save a large part of their income because small towns don’t have some of the living expenses associated with big cities. Take a chance today and apply for a job in a small town in Canada. Miracles do happen.

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