The Canadian province Quebec has recently launched a new immigration plan to attract immigrants with the onset of 2018. The recent plan incorporates various categories for immigration. However, skilled workers have reason to rejoice as they top the list where as other categories such as refugees, family reunification and businessmen will follow suit. This time the Quebec government has prioritized the sector of skilled workers for immigration.

This new immigration policy was expected by most of the applicants who constantly monitored the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the QSWP intake. The Quebec Immigration Plan for 2018 promises new ventures for immigrants and skilled workers.

The New Immigration Plan 2018- Quebec

With no link to express entry stream for immigration process in Quebec, the province is now planning to launch a program that is similar to the federal express entry system. Immigration programs in most of the other Canadian provinces are linked to the express entry stream. But Quebec has no such programs linked to the immigration process. Changes will be implemented in the immigration plan and systems, such as the express entry, may be incorporated in the recent plan. However, there is no detailed information from the province pertaining to this new immigration plan and its functions. The program still remains in wraps although many immigrants look forward to it with anticipation.

There are mainly two phases in this new immigration plan.

  • A specific number of candidates are selected for Quebec Selection Certificate by the province
  • Permanent residency is obtained by a specific number of applicants.

Quebec Selection Certificate is issued to applicants by the government if they are allotted permanent residency through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Such candidates are eligible to send direct application for Canadian permanent residency to the federal government or the IRCC.

Based on the recent immigration plan in Quebec, skilled workers top the shortlist and they will be offered invitations to become permanent residents of Quebec. According to the new immigration plan, 29,000 CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificates are to be issued to skilled workers this year.

Skilled worker category has two basic streams which are as follows.

  • Quebec experience program
  • Regular skilled worker program

Quebec government has made an official announcement wherein 5000 new applications will be accepted through the regular skilled worker program by the province of Quebec.

Business immigration program is another immigration plan devised by the province of Quebec. Under this program certificates will be issued to self employed, entrepreneurs, investors and so forth. It is assumed that the Quebec government will issue 4000-6000 certificates under this program in 2018.

With all these plans underway, the government has issued no specific dates for the implementation of the new immigration plans. Most of the applicants are hopeful of the developments and expecting results by the first quarter of 2018.