The Canadian Government offers exemption from LMIA to those foreign workers who contribute significantly to the economic, cultural and social growth of the country. The employer of such foreign workers does not need to obtain an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) in order to secure a work permit. This exemption is known as ‘significant benefit’.

The LMIA application process is lengthy and rigorous. It makes recruitment time-consuming for the employers. Significant Benefit makes the procedure simple and efficient for those employers whose candidates qualify for this exemption.

Qualification criteria for Significant Benefit Program

The work permits which are exempt from LMIA are a part of the International Mobility Program. The Significant Benefit exemption requires the candidate to conform to the following regulations:

  • The candidate needs to present an academic record of the degree, certificate or diploma obtained from a school, college or university in their area of expertise.
  • Evidence of substantial full time work experience needs to be provided by the former or current employers of the candidate. More than 10 years of experience is preferable.
  • The candidate may be a recipient of either a national or international award or even a patent.


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