The Canadian economy is on a roll at present. The unemployment rate has reached a new low at 5.7%. This is the lowest rate that the economy has seen in the last 40 years. There are multiple job openings all over Canada but a few job profiles are always in demand which is proven by the huge volume of ads posted in these categories. This long list includes everything from blue collar jobs like forklift operators, assembler and general laborer to high-tech jobs like software engineers as well as administrative and professional roles like assistants and accountants.

Read on to find out the top 10 most sought-after jobs in Canada for 2018.

# 1- General Laborer

Currently, the maximum job openings in Canada are for general laborers. This category covers a wide range of jobs especially in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Heavy load moving in warehouses or assembly line pastry folding are a few examples of general labor jobs. These jobs are offered on a contractual basis. The payment system is per-hour and the rates are generally between $15.90 and $18.39. Experienced workers are given preference.

# 2- Engineering Project Manager

The role of an engineering project manager involves ensuring that construction projects run smoothly and are completed without glitches. Supervising construction of bridges, high-rise condos or reservoirs are all part of the job profile. The infrastructural sector is booming at the moment because of the government’s push towards development and due to a rise in demand for housing facilities. The salary range is from $74,000 to $92,000.

# 3- IT Project Manager

The job of an IT project manager requires expertise in this field because the manager is responsible for handling a team consisting of analysts, developers and tech professionals. The project manager needs to be tech-savvy and should have the ability to get projects completed within the deadline. Team and budget management are a part of this job. And IT project manager gets anything between $92,000 and $114,000.


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