Recently, The US government has been enacting tough immigration policies. Due to such policies, moving to the United States has become a tedious and time-consuming process. This has, in turn, make tech top talents, and other skilled workers opt to move to Canada. Backed by a Canadian program designed to make the process of hiring foreign talent fast and easy, thousands of skilled foreign workers have flocked several provinces in the country. Most of these employees have expressed their frustrations with the restrictive US immigration policies.

According to the Canadian government figures that were released on Wednesday, the Global Skills Strategy, a program designed two years ago to attract skilled foreign talents, has so far attracted approximately 24,000 foreign employees. With this program, top international talent in some fields such as software engineering can get a temporary work permit—as temporary as a two-week work permit. Additionally, this program provides exceptional work permits for researchers and managers for short-term periods.

This program that speeds up the immigration process of international workers in a way contrast efforts by the US president, Donald Trump, to take measures that control the immigration of high-tech workers into the US territory. The main focus of the Canadian government is to exponentially enhance economic growth by encouraging an inflow of high-tech workers. Recently, Ahmed Hussein revealed that the program has led to a considerable growth to Canadian tech companies.

In a telephone interview, Ahmed Hussein said that tech companies are really happy with the program. Some companies have revealed that the two-week processing of foreign workers have tremendously changed how they make business decisions. Most companies have fully embraced the program that has aided in cutting-down the bureaucratic procedures that have been bottlenecking the inflow of foreign workers.

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