Donald Trump’s Tough Immigration Rule

Notably, the current United States administration has been tough on immigrants. About 25 percent of foreign workers are reported to come from the United States. More often than not, the non-Americans usually move out of the US due to being frustrated by the tough visa restrictions imposed by Trump’s government. University professors, computer and media programmers, and software engineers are among the top foreign talent to benefit from this program. Hussein also pointed out that a good percentage of the applicants are Asians of Indian nationals.

The program has also benefitted applicants’ family members. For instance, fast-tracked job applicants were accompanied by approximately 16,000 family members who are capable of studying or working in Canada.

The recent rapid inflow in the number of highly-skilled workers is part of an immigration process geared to promote the economy of the country that is struggling with slow growth and aging population. For instance, the rising number of skilled immigrants has helped solve the employment challenges. Even though other parts of the economy are growing at a very slow pace, the fact that immigrants are of working age has helped in steering growth in many sectors.

In 2018 alone, Canada registered 321,065 immigrants—hitting a record high since 1913. Also, the number of non-permanent residents, such as temporary workers and international students, have significantly increased in the past few years. The influx in immigrants helped the growth of the Canadian population by 528, 421 by last year. Statistics indicated that this is the largest population increase since the 1950s.

The fast-track program has been praised by a growing tech sector that has benefitted immensely from the international talent. This was evident when CBRE Group Inc. revealed that Toronto became the fastest-growing tech-jobs market in 2017.

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