Employee satisfaction is one of the factors in positive morale and motivation of employees in the workplace. One of the top characteristics in employee satisfaction is having a transparent, open, and an inclusive workplace. A list of the factors that contribute to employee satisfaction includes regular employee recognition, treating the employees with respect, empowering the employees, benefits and compensation to the employees.

There are 25 Top-Rated Workplaces in Canada according to the international jobsite based on the reviews of hundreds of thousands of companies.

An analysis carried out of over 600, 000 reviews from the employees looked at the following factors; Job security, pay, benefits, work-life balance management, employee experience, and the overall company culture. Each of the factors above was evaluated to help in coming up with the exclusive list of the 25 Top-Rated Workplaces in Canada.


“There is a very high competition rate in staff recruitment today due to the low unemployment rate and the tight labor market. To be able to stand out to the job seekers, the companies have evolved to consider the overall experience of the employee during recruitment hoping to attract and retain the top talent for their open positions,” stated Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada.

The companies have worked hard in providing outstanding experience and listening to the specific needs of their employees through thoughtful and strategic workplace programs. Below is the list of the 25 organization ranked among the best places to work in Canada.

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