Canada welcomed a total of 15025 new immigrants in September 2020, according to the new IRCC data. The numbers are relatively low compared to the 35000 immigrants previously invited in September 2019. In totality, the country has received approximately 143500 immigrants between January and September, which means it is less likely to hit the 200000 immigrants target.

In 2019, Canada welcomed a total of 264000 immigrants in the first nine months and an average total of 341,000. Before closing its central borders due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian government had intended to invite an extra 341 000 new immigrants in 2020. The announcement was made through the immigration minister Monte Mendicino days before the spike of the pandemic. Unfortunately, Canada is unlikely to achieve these targets due to the following three reasons:

  • The global corona virus pandemic has caused significant disruptions in the immigration system. Strict government regulations, including social distancing, have interrupted almost everything, including the capacity to complete the official English tests, including IELTS and CELPIP. It has also affected activities such as the acquisition of Canadian visas.
  • Numerous holders of confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) who are not exempted from the coronavirus travel ban are stuck overseas. This is mainly because their COPR expired during the pandemic period.
  • Canada’s travel restriction ban does not allow Candidates who acquired their COPR on any date past March 18th to enter the country.

Regardless of the challenges emanating from the pandemic, Canada announced its commitment to enhancing immigration plans in the coming years. Furthermore, the minister maintained that Canada is dedicated to increasing its immigration target to counteract the plunge in numbers experienced this year. He made this announcement in late October of this year.

Canada Targets More Immigration Levels in The Next Three Years

On the newly updated 2021-2023 immigration plan, Canada targets to break the record and invite over 400000 immigrants each year. Should they hit this target, it will be the highest immigration levels in Canadian history. The IRCC is going over and beyond to aid the country in achieving this target. To begin with, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada have been holding Express Entry draws twice every week throughout the pandemic period. On the latest two Express Entry draws, Canada invited a total of 4500 candidates to apply for permanent residence in each draw. The draws were recorded as the highest ever since Express Entry was launched in January 2015.

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