The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is going under a change that will allow more spouses to be qualified for a work permit in Canada. This change will start being applied from 1st June.
The purpose of this change will be to give spouses of workers in Canada a chance to get work permits. The Atlantic Immediate Skilled Program will for the first time allow them to access these permits.

Before this change was proposed, partners of Atlantic High Skilled Program candidates were the only ones who qualified for these work permits. This change will be great pillars in ensuring immigrants who come to Canada remain there. According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Canada this change will offer great support for the Atlantic Immigration Pilots goal.
The Immigration Pilot was founded in 2017 in March. The primary purpose of forming it was to allow more experienced workers who are immigrants to settle in the Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island as well as New Brunswick province. This was extended up to 2021.

In due course a permanent residence program which is led by employers allows candidates to be qualified for Canada work Permit as their PR applications are still being worked on. The work permit applicants will be affected by this recent change as spouses will be qualified as from 1ST June. They will be eligible for both Intermediate Skilled Streams as well as the High Skilled Intermediate streams through open work permits.

Formerly on the spouses of people who held higher positions such as medical doctors, managers and architects managed to apply for a work permit. This was a statement said by the IRCC. The recent change is after a push for change that was made in March 2019. This raft was designed to make it easier catering for the needs of applicants as well as employees.

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