The past few months have seen an increase in records showing a rise in job opportunities in some parts of the country. Provinces which had the highest employment rate in April include Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Prince Edward Island. Employment increased by 107,000 net jobs in April.

The goal of the national government has always been to improve the level of employment in the country. The anticipated increase in number was 10,000. The unemployment rate was 5.8 in March. The numbers registered were however much higher than what had been expected. The growth helped in reducing the unemployment rate in Canada to 5.7 percent. The new figures show that the country is moving in the right direction towards creating more opportunity for job seekers.

Seventy-three thousand of the jobs registered are reported to be full-time while the majority of the gains –84,000 – happened in the private sector. Employment increases by 426,000 on a year-over-year basis. Two hundred forty-eight thousand of the number was noted to be full time.
A report from Statistics Canada showed that employment rates increased for young adults between the ages of 15 and 24, people aged 55 and older, and women in their active years of between 25 and 54.

Senior Economist with Toronto Dominion Bank Brian DePratto was impressed by the numbers. He had a positive response and approved the report as stable. Brian DePratto said that almost every pointer of quality was robust in April. He was quoted saying that the most remarkable ever gain came with a steady full-time job increase in employees and not the self-employed. Canadian citizens seem attracted to labor markets. He also mentioned that the wages went up. The senior economist further added that the increase in numbers indicated that employers in various sectors had faith in the economy of Canada.

Bloomberg News reported that an increase in employment was as an indication that the Canadian economy is favorable to all. With such figures, the media and software company asserted that fresh and skilled workers like immigrants and young adults aged 24 and below were getting employed. It is also proof that Canada is not failing in unemployment.

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