AIP Changes made in March 2019

Global graduates will have a post-graduation for twenty- four months that will allow them to qualify for the application for the AIP. Formerly they would be given a deadline of applying within the first twelve months.

Employers in the healthcare sector will be given a permit to employ universally trained nurses to work with them. This will help them work as consistent care as well as home care supporters to fill the job vacancies available.

Through the new AIP, provinces in the Atlantic will focus on the needs of the labor market. This is the new authority granted to them.

For an immigrant to be eligible for the work permit, they are required to meet education, language as well as work experience requirements. These will be important before their work permits are approved.

The Programs for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

1. Atlantic High Skilled Program

The focus of this program is on workers that are skilled in higher positions job. The job offer must be for at least twelve months.

2. Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program

The main aim of this program is to focus on candidates applying for jobs that require education on the high school level or training from a specific job. The requirement for this work is that the offer must be stable.

3. Atlantic International Graduate Program

This program is mainly focusing on applicants who have a diploma, degree or other official document s from an institution funded by the public in the province of Atlanta. There is no work experience required, and the offer is expected to last for one year.

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