The Graduate Internship Pathway on the other hand targets international graduates who hold either a master’s or doctoral degree. They must have completed the program in the province in within three years of their application. It is essential that they have undertaken an eligible internship in Manitoba. Students can apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program once they graduate.


According to the Government of Manitoba, individuals chosen under the International Student Entrepreneur Pathway will be awarded a two year pilot program inclusive of a temporary work permit. The two pathways are designed to assist international graduated to advance their careers while living in Manitoba.

The immigration system also accounts for candidates who have undergone the Accelerate or Elevate internship through Mitacs whether or not they have received job offers. Mitacs is a non-profit organization that connects higher learning institutions and industries in Canada and internationally with research facilities and businesses in Manitoba.

As per Minister of Education and Training in Manitoba, Kelvin Gotten, the sole purpose of these pathways is to captivate and retain ground breakers globally. Candidates selected by these programs will bring new ideas to Manitoba and also facilitate networking from all over the world. The opportunities they create advance the province’s entrepreneurial dominance

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