The Expedited Labour Market Opinion Pilot Project (Now LMIA) was put in place to accelerate the application process to hire temporary foreign workers in certain occupations in Alberta and British Columbia

Labour Market Opinion applications from employers who qualify to participate in the pilot will be processed within five days of Service Canada having received them when all the information requested is provided.

The exponential growth of the job market in Canada has started forcing employers to look outward when they consider hiring potential employees. This is especially true of Filipino and other Asian workers, who are an example of tenacity and a strong work ethic.

Because of this, a pilot project has been started to expedite the application process for foreign workers, with those who qualify receiving responses in approximately five days. This process also serves to level the playing field, without affecting the interests of Canadian workers and creating a negative impact on the economy.

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To this effect, a study is carried out to determine whether a foreign national with a certain skillset is employable in Canada, granting the opportunity to many who never thought a position would be open to them to live a more fulfilling life under conditions of equity and financial prosperity for all those involved.

If you would like to find out whether your specific talents are required to fill positions in Canada, contact and allow us to help you find the most adequate job for your talents.

E-LMO Designated Occupations

Employers who want to hire foreign workers must apply to Service Canada for a labour market opinion(LMO) to assess the impact the entry of foreign workers would have on Canada’s labour market, or in other words, how it would affect Canadian jobs.

Meeting the needs of the employee, generating profits to establish and maintain economic efficiency, whilst maintaining a balance with the employee and creating social equity that benefits the worker so that the employee can fund and enjoy healthy living, proves to be a continuous revolving issue in modern societies.