IEC Details: Per Country and Program

As more applicants warm up to the initiative, the likelihood of quota declines may increase. As a result, new pools may not be created in the near future. If this trend continues, the application process might be compromised. See the full details per country using the table below.

Interestingly, some pools have already received their quotas. This means people who missed out on the opportunity will have the chance to contest for the second or third time.

Various changes have been made to the upcoming IES 2019 season. This time, the upper age limit of Australians planning to contest in the IEC program has been increased to 35 years of age, instead of the former 30. So, it means you can be part of the project if you fall between 18 and 35 years of age.


In the future, the tune may change for other countries as well once the organizers have reviewed the ideal age to classify a youth. Always visit the organization’s webpage or portal to see if they have made any changes with regards to the date, age limit, the type of programs, and the duration for a stay in the country.

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