Recently, work permit invitations by International Experience Canada (IEC) commission attracted a total of 4,174 applicants, hitting the 119,001 mark. Ironically, there were no applicants in the previous week. How this high number came about is the subject of discussion for this article.

During the past few days in the 2019 season, IEC has been researching to explain why there was an increased number of working holiday applicants. It was discovered that the USA topped the list with 1,096 invitations, followed closely by Australia at 557, Japan at 395, Ireland at 324, Spain at 321, while Germany recorded at total of 301 invitations.

Other countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, France, and Chile were also invited to contest the application process, but the six countries won favor in the eyes of IEC. Fortunately for the countries that missed on the opportunity, the commission may consider adding more spots to attract more applicants from the countries that failed to get the chance.

Since many IEC pools have spaces left in their annual quotas to accommodate those who missed out on the enchanted program, therefore, candidates are strongly advised to keep visiting the portal to see the latest news updates for their countries. The opportunity is open for all people as long as one has met all the said requirements.


Are you are a youth aged between 18 and 30 based in Luxembourg? If yes, then this is a brilliant opportunity to be part of the Working Holiday, International Co-op (Internship), and Young Professionals. The program is set to occur in the year because Canada and the countries are known as the “Green Heart of Europe,” the initiative is supposed to train them on how to maintain a clean and safe environment for future generations.

Currently, the quota from both countries allows up to 100 youths to be part of the program. They are also advised to be on the lookout so that they do not end up missing out on any chance. Should there be an update, you will be the first to be informed.

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