Foreign nationals seek a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) (also called a Visitor Visa) to study, work or visit the country. There are different eligibility requirements for each TRV pathway to Canada and different timelines for each of them, and foreign nationals are keen to know when to possibly arrive in the country. In this regard, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) published the application timelines.

The published service standards vary because they depend on the candidate’s application type and whether it’s a study or work permit. It could take weeks or months for the IRCC to make a final decision on the application. The service standards will provide applicants an idea of how long to wait for the IRCC’s decision, whether their applications are approved, returned or denied. Do note that the processing may still take longer than the IRCC’s published standards as there may be other factors affecting their decision. It may also depend on the number of applicants and the type of permit you’re applying for.

Included in the published service standards is that the IRCC aims to process at least 80% of the submitted applications across all lines of business within service standards. This applies to all temporary resident visa lines of business, except the International Experience Canada work permits.

Note: The IRCC clarified that the service standards apply to completed applications only. They must include all the required documents and information. Also, do note that the processing time begins after reviewing the application, not after sending it to the IRCC.

Below are the IRCC service standards for 2024:

Work Permits

The content below doesn’t include work permits processed under CUAET or Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel.

For work permit submitted outside the country: All programs except IEC IRCC service standard: 60 days

For work permit applications under the IEC service standards: 56 days or less

For work permit extensions submitted inside Canada: 120 days for IRCC service standard

The IRCC wants to target 100% of the submitted work permit applications.

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