With the Canadian government set to announce their new Immigration Levels Plan for the years 2022-2024, some are left with unanswered questions. Until Immigration Minister Sean Fraser debuts the government’s plan in early February, a lot is left up to speculation, however, there are some things we do know.

Why is the Announcement Coming So Late?

Although the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, or IRPA, stipulates that the government is required to release their immigration plan on the 1st of November each year, there are some exceptions written into the law. In preparation for the general election in September of 2021, the parliament dissolved in mid-August, effectively curtailing any bills in the house. Under the provisions established in the IRPA, the new parliament is required to announce the plan in 30 working days after reconvening. They first convened on November 22nd of 2021 and took their regularly scheduled holiday break 20 days later. As they’re set to reconvene on the 31st of this month, the deadline for the new immigration plan is set for the 11th of February.

What Should I Expect?

Despite the economic damage the pandemic caused, Canada is likely to renew its commitment to welcoming migrants into its borders. Under the current plan, the IRCC, Canada’s department of immigration, is set to help 411,000 new immigrants into the country. In 2021, they assisted 401,000 people on their path towards Canadian citizenship, which was the largest amount of new arrivals in the country’s recorded history. With economic growth set to surpass pre-COVID levels, it’s highly unlikely that the new plan will curtail this. In fact, with labor in high demand, an expansion is far more likely, with current Immigration Minister Sean Fraser indicating a willingness to increase the target amount if support from employers and communities around the country dictates it. And with an election occurring just a year ago, it seems likely that the immigration plan for the years 2023-2025 will be announced on schedule this year.

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