When it comes to Canada’s winter season, temperatures can drop to as low as -20 degrees. Suffice to say, this period can be overly harsh and downright brutal, especially to the newcomers. All the same, with some prior preparations, this could also be a perfect time to explore Canada’s immense beauty and diversity. Everything about surviving Canada’s winter season narrows down to parking enough items to keep you warm and comfortable in these extreme winter temperatures. Besides, with central heating installed in your room, you will enjoy a cool yet cozy environment throughout the season.

Canadians have shown unmatched resiliency to getting through the winter season. For instance, many people have installed automatic heating systems in their cars. With a press of a button, while still relishing the warmth of your house, you can start the car and give it enough time to heat up while preparing to hit the road. Once it is warm enough, you can dash from your house, get in your vehicle, and drive away.

A fresh Canadian immigrant, unfortunately, may not have a car during the first few weeks. To get from one point to another, you may have to rely on public transport. This means walking from your home to the bus station and spend a few more minutes at the open bus station as you wait to board the bus. Waiting for a bus during winter is usually, by all means, no fun. There are some indispensable essential—extremely important—items that you can invest in to brave the harsh winter cold and snow to get by in a rather comfortable way.

You need a warm and cozy jacket tailored for the Canadian winter weather.

Buying your winter jacket in your home country is one of the best things you can do for yourself while in your home country because they might be cheap. Having said that, things are rather different in Canada, you might find the cost of the jackets in this country too high, but they are designed specifically for Canadian extreme cold temperatures. For this reason, visit a local store near you and buy yourself winter jackets as you make other essential purchases. When purchasing your winter jacket, make sure that it is well-padded for adequate warmth. Also, to keep out the cold as much as possible, buy a hooded jacket that covers your neck and hands fully. A hooded-jacket is recommended during the winter.

Interestingly, Canadian winter jackets are designed to withstand temperatures below 0 degrees. Should you purchase a jacket in a Canadian store, always feel free to ask the clerk store for guidance. Store clerks will promptly guide you on the options available and help you select the one that meets your needs best.

While shopping for your winter jacket, keep in mind that brand name jackets are quite pricy compared to non-branded jackets. Both types will serve you well. Take advantage of store discounts; lookout for online offers, promotions, and discounts to enjoy the best deals.

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