Winter Boots

Wearing sneakers or dress shoes during the winter season can make this season more miserable than it has to be. It is not only uncomfortable but also overly dangerous for your feet. Of course, Canada perfectly puts salt down onto the sidewalk following a snowstorm or frost. All the same, you might want to refrain from being outside without the right foot protection. While you might be tempted to go for cheaper boots, be sure not to compromise on quality as it would cost you more money in the long run. Therefore, you must go for specially designed boots high-quality winter boots to last you through more winter days. Besides providing the right traction between your feet and the icy ground, your boots prevent the loss of heat through your feet. As such, you should invest in a good pair of boots that will keep you warm while allowing your feet to breathe.

Winter Hat or ‘Toque’

You cannot survive Canada’s winter season without a warm, comfortable winter hat, also known as a toque by the locals. A toque is a well-fitting knitted hat with a pom-pom perfectly complementing the crown and shielding your head from wind and cold. You can easily find numerous types, sizes, and colors of good quality toques at the same store you purchase your jacket. However, be sure to choose the one that perfectly covers your ears.

Warm Gloves and a Scarf

Warm gloves are overly essential for keeping your neck warm during Canada’s winter season. You will also need some gloves for your hands, especially if you plan on spending most of your time outdoors. With these two small additions to your winter wardrobe, you are guaranteed the utmost warmth and comfort throughout the season.

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