With the Intra-Company Transfer program, workers who work for companies with parent organizations, branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates in the country can easily secure theirs. The procedure is usually faster, less-complicated, and affordable because firms who bring international staff into the state are not obligated to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The program doesn’t discriminate against any state; hence, they can select anyone from any country around the world as long as they have the skills.

How Does Canada Benefit From Intra-Company Transferees?

With quality intra-company transferees, there are more skilled persons working in various departments in the Canadian labor market. This allows for economic growth since the workers use their expertise to engage in productive activities.

For one to qualify to work in Canada under its Intra-Company Transfer program, they must fall in one of three categories.

These are:

Workers with specialized knowledge. If one has any special skills or has demonstrated exemplary knowledge in a particular enterprise’s procedure or process, they are eligible for the program.

Also, senior managers who control either part or an entire enterprise in the state are qualified to work under the Intra-Company Transfer program. They should also be in control of other managers or professional workers in a particular industry.

Furthermore, workers who are primarily in charge of directing a company or a significant part of it are eligible. They may, or may not, receive supervision from executives in higher positions.

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