Canada is a beautiful country that has opened its doors to immigrants from all over the world. Within its peaceful atmosphere, people’s desire to achieve their ambitions has been re-ignited. People have gone ahead to become famous actors, musicians, congressmen, scientists, teachers and even doctors. Canada has undoubtedly proven to be a country that wants humanity to succeed.However, the upcoming Federal election may have a significant effect on the Express Entry point system. Canada is scheduled to hold a general election in October, this year.

Currently, the Andrew Scheer-led Conservative Party is winning a majority of the votes across the provinces. And the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is predicting that they have a 70% chance of winning most seats in parliament. Even though the prediction may change, it provides some insights on the party likely to get the mandate to run the government for the next 4 years in just under 5 months. Immigration remains a controversial issue in this election because it has a direct impact on the future economic performance and stability of Canada.

During a conference themed ‘Preparing for tomorrow’s labor market,’ Mr. de Vlieger was asked about the plans of the Express Entry Point system. He is a high ranking officer within the Immigration department. Mr. Vlieger responded exclusively saying that the upcoming general election is a big event and he does not expect any shifts in the plans of the ambitious Immigration Program until after the election. He added that it is the winning party that would decide to make changes on the Express Entry Point systems or not.

He stressed that changes to the Express Entry Point System would take some time due to the technology involved. He made a revelation that the point system changes its Global Case Management System about 3 to 4 times a year. This revelation justified why any proposed changes to the Point system may take longer to implement. Immigration is set to account for Canada’s net labor force growth. The Conference Board of Canada insists that Canada’s economic future is dependent on immigration. It published a report about the reasons why Canada needs immigrants for its economy to thrive and strive.

The report argued that immigration was critical to ensuring Canada’s labor force will be enough to support the growing economy. It revealed that the labor force might reduce by about 2.3 million by 2040 from the current 20 million workers. Moreover, the report also revealed in the next 20 years, more than 55% of Canadians would be either immigrants or descendants of people who immigrated a few years back. It also stated that naturalized citizens make up to 20% of the permanent residents in Canada. By 2040, Canada will have immigrants as the majority of its population.

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