As happens at the beginning of every new academic session, the brand new batch of international students from all over the world are busy in their preparations and getting ready as they begin a new era in their lives with studying in a Canadian university. It also implies that there are even more number of aspiring international students who are contemplating and planning out for enrolling at various Canadian universities in the forthcoming semesters. Canada is known for the high quality and affordable level of education and also comparatively safe and crime-free cities which also provide for various employment options for the students while studying and also after completing their course. Completing a course in Canada also provides a pathway for the international students who hope to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Many of the international students rate studying in Canada very highly as compared to studying in any other country. They feel Canada provides the perfect mix of a great intellectual environment and other favorable resources that makes studying in Canada so beneficial.

Why Quebec?

The city of Quebec opens up its arms in welcoming approximately 45,000 immigrants from all over the world every year, and this number keeps growing stronger. The city of Quebec is renowned for its rich culture and is a linguistically and historically unique province of Canada. This is the only province with the majority of the population who speak French, but speaking in French is not a prerequisite for all the colleges in Quebec. Quite a few of the very well known and established institutions in Quebec are essentially English in character.

The province of Quebec also offers various options of studying in an atmosphere that is vibrant, colorful, diverse, and very energetic in nature. Quebec is also well known for providing one of the most affordable education systems in North America without compromising on the quality. Quebec also has on offer various generous aid programs for students to make it possible for every deserving student get good quality of education. Quebec also has on offer various study programs in both the official languages of French and English, and hence students aspiring for learning in these languages can make full use of this. Having said this, Quebec also has somewhat different immigration policies and education programs as compared to the rest of Canada.

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