The processing time for spousal Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) at the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is now 30 days. This decision is applicable to spousal applicants who have submitted applications for permanent residency in Canada. This essentially means that they can now come to Canada as they wait for their application to be processed instead of having to wait for IRCC’s decision while in their home countries. Thus, Spouses and dependents of Canadians or permanent residents will be able to reunite with their families and settle more quickly in their new locations. It is not possible to work for Spouses and dependents on a TVR unless they have been granted permanent residence or obtained a work or study permit.

On May 26, Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser announced that a service standard will be required. Additionally, he mentioned that spousal TRV had an approval rating of over 90%. The increased approval rating was due to the significant use of advanced technology to pre-screen TRV applications before an IRCC officer reviews them before the last decision is made. Minister Fraser further added that it’s through technology that the department can scrutinize and determine the likelihood of a person’s application being granted permanent residency. Also, the use of advanced technology enables categorization of the application submitted in ways that IRCC Officers can easily approve.

Family Class Sponsorship Processing Time Duration

The processing time for permanent residence applications submitted through the family class sponsorship is 12 months. As they wait for IRCC’s decision on their permanent resident application, sponsored spouse, partner, or dependent child can arrive in Canada and start working as quickly as three months (90 days). This is possible due to the spousal TRVs processing time of within 30 days, and the IRCC service standard of 60 days for work permits.

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