What is NOC Code?

It is a distinct code of four digits that is assigned to every occupation in the labor market of Canada. In other words, it is a system of sorting jobs in the country on the basis of education requirements, skills required for the job and field. This system helps the government in identifying the jobs that have skill shortages and thus plan to improve the economy of Canada.

The National Occupational Classification is a system that gives a 4-digit code and description of jobs to each and every occupation in the labor markets of Canada. This system is recognized all over the country and this is used by the IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to assess your experience of work.

When do you need NOC Code?

Prior to submitting your application for immigration, you can claim NOC Code.

When you are applying for immigration, choosing the appropriate NOC code is very crucial. It doesn’t matter whether you have applied through the express entry or under any Provincial Nomination Programs. Select the correct NOC to get through the application procedure.

The NOC Code that you choose should match with your experience; else your application will be rejected. The visa officer will neither ask you to clarify nor lets you choose the code. So ensure that the NOC Code you choose will match with the work experience. And do not forget to have the documents for proof!

Each NOC code will be associated with:

  • Job title
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Lead statement

When you have to choose NOC code, it is not the job title or the education that matters. Make sure that your work experience matches the lead statement and you should have carried out the listed duties and responsibilities.

Due to all these, you might find your job title being associated with a NOC Code that may not match with your experience. If you have worked in different fields or positions, your each experience will have a distinct NOC Code.

So how do you claim NOC code for immigration?

The Primary NOC Code depends on the job or program that you are applying for. for immigration, you have to choose primary NOC code and codes for your previous positions as well.

So choosing the appropriate NOC code is not an easy job. You can seek the help of an immigration attorney to choose the proper NOC code. Choosing the right code will enhance your chances of migrating to Canada.

How can I prove this my NOC Code?

Your application should have the necessary documents to support your choice of NOC Code, the most important document being the reference letter from your employer. This letter includes:

  • Your job title and salary
  • Average number of hours/week that you work
  • Your employment dates
  • List of duties that you carried out when employed with that employer

The list of duties is the most significant one. This process should be initiated quickly as the employers take time to give reference letters.

You can also have other supporting documents to prove that you have chosen the appropriate NOC. For instance, you can include the certificates demanded by your position. You can prove your employment dates and your salary through the tax returns.

If you are unable to obtain a reference letter, you can still prove to the visa officer that your choice of NOC code is correct. Include as many supporting documents as possible and a letter stating why you could not obtain a reference letter. Do not leave any stone unturned. Do everything you can to induce the visa officer.

Ultimately, the decision is in his hands. Even if you obtain a good reference letter and have all the documents to support your choice of NOC code, you still cannot be sure that the visa officer is happy. That is the reason to provide all that you can to favor your choice of NOC code.

So the NOC code you select must not mismatch with your experience of work. Choose the right NOC code and get set to work in Canada!