British Council has just launched an application in order to help students with IELTS exam preparations. The International English Language Testing Standards exam is proficiency test which all students planning to study abroad need to take. This is a globally recognized test which is especially important for people who are planning to immigrate to Canada.

What does the test involve?

IELTS exam evaluates speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in English. All the colleges and universities in Canada recognize IELTS. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have made it mandatory for immigrants to prove their proficiency in English. Even professional organizations require foreign applicants to show IELTS results.

IELTS Application

The application developed by the British Council offers:

– Mock Tests

– Speaking and Listening tips and assistance

– Quizzes

– Explainer Videos

– Assessment guidance

Those who are preparing to take the IELTS exam can get a comprehensive knowledge of the segments of the test. Grammar skills can be sharpened with the help of exercises provided in the app. Common rules of grammar have been explained lucidly. Vocabulary modules are included for improvement of verbal skills.

The users of the app can test their listening and speaking skills with the practice tests provided. Detailed information about the test schedule and stages can be found in the app.

Handy tips for avoiding mistakes and clearing the test successfully are available. IELTS speaking interviews have been uploaded on the app for the benefit of the users. Immigration applicants can view these demo videos and perform accordingly on the day of the test. When the applicant is ready for the exam, he or she can take mock tests and quizzes to test their knowledge and to become exam-ready.

Additional Features:

  • Users can set test date reminders on the app and keep track of their progress with the help of the practice material provided.
  • Pages which the user finds helpful can be bookmarked for easy reference.

Both iOS and Android device users can download this application on their device and gain from the resources.

The Exams Director of British Council, Micheal King, states that:

“We have launched the app with an aim to provide an authentic source that is handy, easily accessible through mobile handsets and able to deliver high-quality content.”

IELTS results need to be attached to the applications for entry into the Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experienced Class.

There are various IELTS preparatory classes offered which the applicants can attend to prepare for the exam.

Apart from IELTS, Canadian Immigration also accepts results of tests like the Test d’Evaluation Francais (TEF) and Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP).