Canada understands that new immigrants and international students have been playing an essential in the growth of the country’s economy even before the coronavirus pandemic hit. That is why their plan for economic recovery involves these two important groups.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the global economy. As the virus wear off, countries have to put plans in place to rebalance the economy for a more secured future.

For Canada, the plan is to integrate international students and immigrant workers into the labor market. All institutions across the country will be tasked to train newcomers to ensure that there is a difference in economic growth within the local communities.

Immigrant Workers

The pandemic might have affected travel worldwide, but Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) kept processing immigrants’ applications for permanent residence. Even though the country introduced travel restrictions in March 2020, the IRCC managed to hold Regular Express Entry draws from June onwards.

Canada continued to attract high-skilled individuals that would help keep the labour market running post-coronavirus. This approach has put less pressure on the government now that things are beginning to go back to normal. Having programs in the background has allowed to country to have sufficient eligible workers in various industries. The country’s journey to the Great White North is defiantly on.

International Students

Aside from immigrant workers, Canada has also been admitting international students to the various top-class institutions in the country. Students have been accepted from travel restrictions, which means, come 2021, they can safely report for class. Students have been applying for study permits in preparation for the coming academic year.

Canada, as a future oriented country, understands the importance of international students in the country’s future workforce. In five or so years, small businesses and employers will greatly benefit from the talented graduates. Addressing labor needs in such a structured and tactical way is the reason Canada’s economy is unshakeable.

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