The Need for Immigration

Even before the pandemic, Canada had always opened their borders for immigrants; their need for immigration is not something new. In fact, IRCC always had a yearly target of how many immigrants they hoped to welcome into the country.

Industry leaders and employers have contributed to the development of effective immigration programs because they greatly benefit from them. The thing is, Canada is one of the countries with a large aging population; thus their unending labour shortages.

The pandemic only amplified a need that has always been there; the country needs new talent to keep the economic engine running.

Most of the labour shortages are experienced in occupations that require a candidate to have an apprenticeship or a college diploma. Observations also reveal that small business owners greatly depend on immigrant workers to thrive.

Canada will give newcomers micro-credentials so they can quickly be integrated in the labour market. Short-term programs have already been put in place to make this process as streamlined as possible.

Wrapping Up

As the effects of the coronavirus are wearing off, governments across the globe need to start to work on economic recovery. Canada is ahead of the game because the IRCC had been running programs on the background to make this transition into a new world easier. The newcomers will help in reviving the economy and keeping its engines running.

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