Canada has a distinct reputation for welcoming those from other nations inside its borders and onto its rich, native soil. The inner landscape stretches its wide, open arms to welcome guests to visit from remote lands. Anyone can become a Canadian citizen, and it is thanks largely to a brand new initiative crafted by Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino that this is highly possible for anyone.

The recent Express Entry event occurred on Saturday, February 13th, 2021, marking it as the very first time in Canadian history that it ever took place on a weekend. Most events of this magnitude are known to take place during the week when attorneys and immigration officials are most likely to be on hand to answer client questions and address concerns. And thanks to the IRCC, there are now more candidates than ever being invited to participate in the draw.

Requirements for participation are a minimum CRS score of 75, a dramatic change from the previous requirement of 470. This is marked as being the lowest and easiest in history, and can pave the way for Canada to achieve its ultimate goal of 401,000 total new citizens in as little as a year if progress goes smoothly.

Those already living within the borders have the added advantage of being able to fast-track their citizenship status by applying for permanent residency. All that it takes is an Invitation to Apply (ITA), which is issued by the Canadian government and they can enter the Express Entry draw. Such people have the skills, talents, and credentials to contribute to Canadian society and should be granted that type of status simply based on that.

Building a future is something that those seeking full citizenship should be given the honor to do. Inviting them to live in Canada is the first step in allowing them to gain a foothold and learn about the local customs of their new region while getting use to a new life. Plus, they can start the process of becoming established in a job or school, and this would only boost their overall credibility. They can then do their part in boosting the local and national economies by working and establishing themselves as full, taxpaying citizens.

The Express Entry draw that occurred on that fateful Saturday drew in way more than was expected. In fact, the number of ITAs was much larger than the previous time, which only topped about 5,000 names. Canada’s firm determination to remain on task in pursuing their immigration goal is proof that nothing can stand in the way, not even a global issue as deadly as the coronavirus. And all thanks to Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, whose work and efforts have been tireless and valuable.

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