Mendicino has helped Canada towards the pursuit of its goal of 400,000 immigrants reaching full citizenship status. He has offered them the opportunity to reach out to local law firms for sound legal advice to get them through the immigration and naturalization process, thus securing Canada’s firm reputation as one of the world’s friendliest countries in the world. With a vast total of over 5,000 ITAs, or Invitations to Apply, the draw invited those all over Canada’s workforce, including the Federal Skilled Trades Program, to finally make an attempt to achieve their dreams of becoming Canadian citizens.

Under the tiebreaker rule, those who submitted an entry profile on or before September 12, 2020 could get away with a minimum exam score of 75 or greater. This allows far greater leeway on the path towards full citizenship rights and helps Canada to achieve its end goals. This, in turn, created a real record-breaker in the recent draw that happened on Saturday, February 13, 2021. In fact, that draw exceeded the previous record of 5,000 ITAs by a factor of six, leading the nation towards the goal of 400,000 total candidates.

Even with the pandemic still raging, Canada has yet to run low on its steam. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. Canada is fully committed to raking in talent from all over the world to fill every job available in both the private and the public sectors of the economy. This allowed for the novel program to expand its requirements to include more people. Now other immigrant groups can be issued ITAs to participate, and the list has even expanded to include refugees from any part of the world.

Opening the borders not only gives immigrants a chance, but can serve Canada as well. And here we’re not only speaking in terms of economics, but are thinking in terms of the human connection. There is so much to learn about the world and what others can teach us on a global scale. Allowing them to achieve full citizenship status is the gateway to moving Canada forward.

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