Life as a temporary citizen in Canada just got easier thanks to a new government initiative. Known as the Express Entry, it aims to help immigrants living and working in Canada to fast track their way towards that goal. The program first started in January 2015 with the original goal aimed at helping those already skilled and licensed in a specific trade looking for work across the entire region. Now, with Covid restrictions in place, the government is allowing those with job experience or a college education to reap the benefits of obtaining full citizenship status as permanent residents.

Given Canada’s record of being one of the most welcoming nations in the world, this news should come as no surprise. Hard times call for creative measures, and Canada has gone above and beyond the call to brighten the spirits of its people. And what could be a better idea than allowing temporary citizens to enter something along the lines of a lighthearted contest?

The latest launch lies in the Express Entry program, which gives participants a chance to learn Canadian culture while participating. Created by the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Council of Canada, this initiative allows equal participation for all candidates. Members of other working groups can now apply, and even those who have been to college while still living as temporary citizens are also encouraged to sign up and fast track their way to permanent citizenship. All that is needed after passing the exam is an Invitation to Apply.

When the program first launched in January of 2015, there was a limited number who joined, and these were people who were in the Federal Skilled Trades program. Qualifications for this program included being trained and certified in a trade, whether it was carpentry, maintenance, or electrical repairs. Although this may have made sense in only allowing the best to get established, this seriously limited Canada’s economy in that it only received a total f 199 candidates in May of 2017. The effects of the global pandemic lit the fire for the Canadian government to consider other measures in an effort to loosen up requirements and encourage more people to join.

A system of this magnitude has the potential to bring in new people every year, and it serves as an excellent source for helping immigrants make a firm and smooth transition to permanent citizenship. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada were the primary sponsors of this trendy and popular program aimed at making things friendlier to all, including those looking to obtain permanent Canadian citizenship.

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